In Floor Safes

In-floor safes are designed to be installed into the concrete slab or wooden floor of buildings. When correctly installed, in-floor safes provide a rock solid depositary, imparting a high level of burglary and fire protection for the contents.

In Floor Safe Shroud

In-floor safes have the following advantages over other safe types:


because the safe is flush with the floor, it may be hidden out of sight under carpet or tiles.


the safe chamber is concrete encased and below ground level. The steel cover plate provided with the safe gives good air gap insulation between the door and the heat source.


correctly installed, there is no way the safe may be forced from the ground. Reinforcement components welded externally to the safe effectively key the concrete to the safe body.


only the door and door frame are exposed to view. The door is recessed 38 mm to maximise resistance to jemmy bar attack.


This is a unique concept developed by Ardel.

Ardel has designed the shroud to be installed by your builder when the slab is poured. See Figure 1.

WHY USE A SHROUD. In-floor safes are often installed when pouring the concrete slab. The problem is, the safe is open to view, and potentially subject to deterioration from weather or accidental damage. The Ardel In-Floor Shroud lets you install the safe at a convenient time after the slab is poured. Remember, the least amount of people who know about your safe, the better.

WHAT DOES A SHROUD DO. The shroud positions the safe to allow optimum concrete encasement. See schematic diagram. Figure 2. The shroud provides the ideal cavity size into which the safe is subsequently fitted and concreted. Figure.3.

The table below indicates the shroud size for the Ardel safe range, and the approximate number of 20 kg bags of concrete mix needed to encase the respective safe. Ardel recommend high strength Australian made PRO-50 Concrete Mix from Cement Australia, a premixed blend of cement, sand and aggregate, available in 20 kg bags. This would be a good DIY project for the home builder/handyman.

Safe Shroud Internal Dimensions
Model Cavity Dimensions (mm) Concrete
Size Breadth Width Depth (min) 20 kg Bags
 668 320 320  360  3.0
6612 320 320 460 3.5
8812 410 410 480 6
8818 410 410 630 7.75
101012 460 460 480 7.5
101018 460 460 630 9.5
101024 460 460 780 11.5
121212 510 510 480 9.0
121218 510 510 630 10.5
121224 510 510 780 12
Custom Built Capability
Ardel has the engineering capability and expertise to build virtually any safe or security cabinet to specific customer requirements. We specialise in cost effective manufacture of custom built security products.
Our Guarantee
All Ardel products carry a 5 year warranty against faulty material or workmanship. Locks carry a 12 month warranty. This warranty excludes any damage arising from transportation or misuse of the safe.