Rifle Safes

Rifle Safe Modules for storage of Multiple Weapons

ARDEL manufacture rifle safe modules where multiple long arm weapons are to be secured in compliance with statuary gun laws. The base unit module consists of 3 door/compartment construction. Key locking units can be master keyed. Category H units consist of 6mm plate body and 8 mm plate door. Locking can be via dual (keyed alike) Ross 600 series locks on each door, or a 3 way locking system requiring only one central lock. Key, combination or digital locking optional. These are a dimensional duplication of ARDEL Model 1 (three rifle) gun safe.

Six door unit bolted to plinth. Six door modules consist of two halves, where 3 door modules bolt together. Approximate mass per 3 door module 310kg. 

Six door module internals, with lacquered barrel rest and lockable ammo compartment keyed separately to outer door locks.

Custom Built Capability
Ardel has the engineering capability and expertise to build virtually any safe or security cabinet to specific customer requirements. We specialise in cost effective manufacture of custom built security products.
Our Guarantee
All Ardel products carry a 5 year warranty against faulty material or workmanship. Locks carry a 12 month warranty. This warranty excludes any damage arising from transportation or misuse of the safe.